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Best Wines for Thanksgiving Dinner


What are the best wines for Thanksgiving and how much wine do I need?

Ahh...Thanksgiving…the smells from the kitchen permeate the house for hours or even days leading up to Thanksgiving Dinner, but before you can enjoy this bliss, you're tasked with venturing out to select the perfect wines for the occasion. Don't fret! Your friends on Horizon's Wine Team are here to lend a helping hand as you make the plunge into your local wine shop for the single busiest wine holiday of the year. 

Selecting wines can be daunting once you’re in the store, but don’t worry, this time will be different since you have this easy Thanksgiving Wine Checklist to follow BEFORE arriving at the wine store: 

1. Make sure you ask the host what's on this year's Thanksgiving menu. Serving a carving turkey is traditional, sure, but it's become more common to have baked ham, beef tenderloin, or even cornish hen along with or instead of one big bird.

2. Confirm how many people are attending and how many guests will be drinking wine.

3. If possible, start a group text or email chain confirming how many like red vs. white wine and who prefers sweet vs. dry wine.

4. Make sure you’ve secured some refrigerator space (not an easy task on any holiday!) for your white wines or, even better, leave them outside if it's a cool New England day.

5. Do the Math with this easy calculator from VinePair. Be sure to buy a few extra bottles of wine "just in case." You can always enjoy it another day!

Because Thanksgiving Day is one of our favorite wine holidays, we’ve gone the extra mile and selected an array of wines that will pair well with just about any family food tradition.

And since you've done your homework (see Thanksgiving Wine Checklist above), it'll be a piece of cake to know which recommendations here are just right for your Thanksgiving table!

Wines to Serve Before Thanksgiving dinner:


Ruffino Rose

Ruffino Sparkling Rosé is fresh and fragrant with notes of strawberry and slight hints of rose petals. On the palate this wine has elegant bubbles and refreshing acidity, offering alluring flavors of delicate red berries and white fruits that linger through the finish.

Wines to Serve with Thanksgiving Dinner:

Sweet Riesling

Pacific Rim Sweet Riesling

Pale gold with wonderfully aromatic notes of honey, pear and orange blossom. Pacific Rim Sweet Riesling is moderately sweet with bright acidity. Flavors of pineapple and white peach work well with the refreshingly low alcohol content.

Chateau des Jacques

Chateau des Jacques - Moulin-à-Vent Clos du Grand Carquelin
With a deep cherry red color, the Clos du Grand Carquelin has profound and concentrated aromas of plush red fruits and spices that are dense and elegant. In the mouth, the full-bodied flavors are fleshy, chewy and generous and the wine’s noble tannins help to impart a balanced, harmonious and delicate character overall. Learn more about Cru Beaujolais

Imagery Estate Winery Pinot Noir

Balanced and smooth from start to finish, this Pinot Noir leads with a silky entry. Jammy-strawberry, cherry and boysenberry fruit flavors are enriched by integrated oak and blended with Petit Verdot to achieve a substantial body.

Wines to Serve After Thanksgiving Dinner:

Inniskillin Gold Vidal Ice Wine

Inniskillin Gold Vidal Ice Wine

Aromatics of peach, honey, clove, and a touch of vanilla are evident on the nose of this premium ice wine. Intense fruit flavors of apricot, orange, lemon and lime balance the crisp acidity of this complex wine.
Taylor Fladgate Reserve Tawny Port

Taylor Fladgate Reserve Tawny Port

A rich, figgy nose with a background of toffee and mocha, notes of plum and apricot, spicy hints of black pepper, nutmeg and fleeting scents of jasmine, all come together in a heady complex harmony. Dense and luscious on the palate, with a wonderful velvety smoothness. The mellow flavors of butterscotch and molasses merge with rich jammy red berry flavors, a perfect blend of youth and maturity.

After the football game is over, the Thanksgiving table is set, and the wine has ceremoniously been poured, the spotlight is on you as you raise your glass for a toast with everyone looking forward to enjoying your wine selections, and feeling especially thankful for having wonderful family & friends like you.

We Hope You Enjoy These Thanksgiving Wine Pairings. Happy Holidays!

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