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Staff Training, Drink Menus and Expert Consulting

Horizon Beverage goes above and beyond the role of a wholesale distributor. Trained in all facets of our business, our salespeople have the knowledge & resources to service your account.


Whether you’re opening a brand new location or you’re hoping to keep your staff’s sales skills polished, Horizon Beverage offers exceptional staff training.

We keep up with the constantly changing world of beer, wine and spirits, so our team can provide you with in-depth sales training for all categories of alcohol, such as Italian wine, American whiskey, craft beer and many more.


At Horizon Beverage, we believe drink menus, table tents, cocktail lists, wine lists, and berr lists are crucial for providing excellent customer service and increasing a business’s profitability. Creating a well-designed, strategic drink menu program can dramatically enhance a consumer’s experience at your establishment: sports bars, casual dining, fine dining, we do it all!

Our sales team will partner with your restaurant or hotel to design the perfect drink menu program. Many of our teams come from the restaurant industry and understand rising consumer trends. We’ll work with you to provide key insights and concepts that are successful in other markets.

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