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Craft Gin Reviews by Team OBC


It’s Gin Month here at Origin Beverage Co., and we’ve been hard at work sampling across our craft gin portfolio to develop new cocktails, beverage programs, and of course write reviews that we’re happy to share here on our blog with fellow gin lovers!


Aviation Gin

This Portland Oregon gin deviates from the traditional London dry; while it is bright with juniper in the nose, the palate is soft and slightly sweet. The botanicals include: juniper, cardamom, lavender, and sarsaparilla. The floral aromatics do not run too far into the palate, leaving a balanced and rich gin.

Brooklyn Gin

Contrary to the name, this gin is produced in upstate New York and the base spirit is 100% corn. The nose is bursting with citrus and juniper. On first sip, the palate switches from juniper forward to citrus and anise. The palate shifts to peppery and pithy before finishing with candied orange and lavender.

Bully Boy Estate Gin

This local Massachusetts gin is a classic American expression. The base spirit deviates from the norm by adding local apple brandy to the neutral spirit. The distillers are New England born and raised and express that in their choice of botanical. Local juniper is blended with Albanian juniper, lemon, pink peppercorn, and hibiscus. The nose is complex and has just a hint of apple. The palate is equally unique; traditional juniper and anise flavors surrounded by lemongrass and honeysuckle. The finish is clean and not too sweet.

Old Tom Gin

This offering from Anchor Distilling is sweeter than the more traditional London dry styles, but not overly so. The usual gin botanicals of anise and juniper are complemented with the addition of stevia. The aroma is bright with juniper and soft savory herbs. The palate moves toward sweet and finishes with brown spice and anise that linger long after the glass is empty.

Genevieve Gin

This is an old school remake of a genever style gin. The base of this spirit is closer to whiskey: wheat, barley, and rye malt. The spirit is then infused with juniper and other traditional botanicals. The finished product is rich and bready with juniper in the foreground.

Junipero Gin

Like all other products produced by Anchor, this gin is distilled in a small copper pot. The proprietary blend of botanicals is very juniper forward (aptly named). The style is very close to a London dry, with a hint of sweetness. The palate is bright with juniper and citrus that finishes clean. An excellent American meets London gin that is perfect for traditional cocktails.

St. George Spirits Terroir Gin

Ahead of the craft cocktail curve since the early 80’s, St. George spirits has created a truly unique series of American gin. Leading the pack with its natural earthy flavors is Terroir gin. Distilled with 12 botanicals including Douglas fir, bay laurel, sage, roots and of course the ever present juniper, Terroir creates a set and setting with its woodsy mossy flavors and bright citrus notes. Distinct from other gins, pair this with citrus driven cocktails, as its long finish and resinous flavors play in the glass. Get lost in this forest of a gin!

St. George Spirits Botanivore Gin

If savory cocktails are your game, then look no further than Botanivore gin. Boasting almost two dozen ingredients, this is the big brother of Terroir. Bold and assertive, Botanivore displays earthy herbal and floral notes while the citrus and juniper blend nicely in the distance. Expect a touch of cinnamon and even cilantro in this complex yet approachable spirit. Let this gin sing with its contemporary herbal notes that harmoniously pair with drinks like a Negroni, Tom Collins, or really class it up with sleek and elegant Vesper.

St. George Spirits Dry Rye Gin

No stranger to taking the conventions of a classic and stalwart spirit, and turning it on its head, St. George has created a 100% rye based gin, bursting with savory flavor profiles of black peppercorn, caraway, coriander, grapefruit and lime zest, and of course juniper. The warmth derived from the unaged rye bill adds a nice spiciness and almost creamy mouthfeel. Let your imagination run wild with cocktail ideas like a gin Bloody Mary or a creative twist on an old fashioned.

Rutte Distilling Celery Gin

Celery and caraway jump out of the bottle as soon as you open it. This gin starts off mellow and slowly builds to a nice spicy finish. The celery adds a nice vegetal note that is nicely balanced with the perfect amount of juniper. This is a wonderful gin to make a Bloody Mary with.

Rutte Distilling Dry Gin

A beautiful juniper aroma, that is surprisingly light on the palate. A smooth gin that showcases rosemary and black pepper, and finishes with a punch of lemon and orange. This makes the perfect gin and tonic.

Old Simon Gin

This genever has a warm and bready nose, with subtle notes of baking spice and apple. A nice bite of juniper, that leads to a rich and creamy finish.  This works lovely in classic cocktails like a Gin Old Fashioned or Martini.


Using fresh and locally grown Massachusetts juniper, Vermont corn and apples; this is a gin made in our backyard. This gin boasts notes of Bartlett pear, Granny Smith apple, and has a nice earthy finish. This gin plays very nice with citrus, I recommend using it in a Gimlet or Tom Collins.

Ford’s Gin

Nose- Bright, fresh, complex. The secondary botanicals shine on the nose with angelica and coriander most prominent. The calming scent of jasmine ties it all together.
Palate- Subtle sweetness from the base, followed closely by orris root, a touch of mint and a heaping of juniper. A healthy dose of citrus binds them altogether in a highly complex gin.
Finish- Dry as it should be. A palate that can still feel the spice of the gin with fresh citrus wafting around.
Review- If ever there was a gin that demanded attention it’s Ford’s Gin. This exists outside of the mortal realm of the rest of the gin category and lords over them all as a shining examples of what gin should be. Take your favorite gin cocktail and get Ford’s gin in there and you will soon learn that this gin is the best gin you’ve never tried and perhaps even the best you have tried.

Hardshore Gin

Nose- Subtle, more earthy juniper, rosemary, mint.
Palate- Rounded juniper without the pungent notes that some can provide. A complete lack of citrus allows the botanicals to shine. Rosemary and mint, after the juniper dominate, followed closely by tame notes of coriander and orris root.
Finish- Long, delicate, graceful, without the lingering spice.
Review- This is the gin we have all been waiting for. This represents a meticulousness towards the specific provenance of each ingredient and they way in which they dance on the palate. The softness of the wheat base provides a velvety undertone unlike any other gin out there.

Russell Henry Gin

London Dry

Appearance is crystal clear.
Nose is abundantly piney with hints of juniper with a touch of citrus.
Taste is light with citrus, and not a heavy juniper presence.  Some hints of peppery & ginger notes balance out the slight sweetness and has a balanced structure that rounds out the mouthfeel.  Finish has a touch of cinnamon that leaves a subtle heat on the palate.

Malaysian Lime

Appearance is a light golden straw.
Nose is very light and soft.  A touch of pine and light juniper with a subtle hint of lime.
Taste is super light and delicate with some notes reminiscent of root vegetables. Subtle lime flavor with a touch of sweetness and finishes with a bit of cinnamon burn.

Hawaiian White Ginger

Appearance is a slight golden hue.
Nose is ginger and citrus.
Taste is light and balanced with pine notes slight juniper presence and a nice peppery finish.  There is a hint of sweetness in the beginning and balances out nicely with the ginger coming through at the end to give it a bit of a bite.​

No. 3 London Dry Gin

This gin is a pretty traditional juniper forward London Dry Gin from Berry Bros and Rudd.  The name refers to the address in St. James Street and is made using 6 botanicals (juniper, orange, angelica root, cardamom, coriander, grapefruit).  It is super rich and spicy with a great mouthfeel.  Good martini gin!

Tru Organic Gin

California made Tru Organic is a modern gin made from organic wheat and uses 14 different botanicals added after distillation (giving its color), then is aged for 2 months in earthware containers before being bottled in 100% recycled glass.  TO is citrus forward with the juniper coming in later.  Smooth and sweet taste with a shorter finish.

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