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Barrel House Z Townie


You know them or you may even be one: a townie. Well, our friends at Barrel House Z brewed a beer dedicated to townies and, while you might not love people who are townies, you will absolutely love this beer!

Barrel House Z: Townie "In The Buff" IRISH RED ALE

This big red ale has a strong caramel backbone with restrained bitterness. Kettle-hopped with Apollo & Cascade. Dry-hopped with Cascade & Hallertau. The result is underlying herbal and citrus notes for a well-balanced Irish Ale.

Barrel House Z's "In the Buff" (ITB) series gives you an idea where their beers begin: before barrel aging, a.k.a. unaged. Think of it as an acoustic version of their barrel aged releases, 'cause they love music as much as they love beer!

Townie Irish Red Ale salutes the neighborhoods all over Massachusetts, as well as the people who call them home. For co-brewer Dan McGuire, Irish by descent with impeccable taste in beer, this was the beer that must be brewed. Whether you’re Irish or not, you’ll understand why.

ABV 7.0% 

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